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Mariandl in Siam SS2013

A small but exclusive collection based on the combination of materials like chiffon, crude silk, linen and satin with playful accessories emerges in cooperation with a band of creative friends
from Austria and Thailand under headlines
like “Mariandl in Siam”.


Furthermore this collection reflects the idea of the
SO LCH LD label, in which the U and the I are
missing to symbolize a unique reunion.


„Mariandl-andl-andl, du hast mein
Herz am Bandl-Bandl. Du hälst es fest und
lässt es nie mehr wieder fort."
(Hans Lang 1947)


SO LCH LD CLOTHING lives "La vie en rose" -
paired with amorousness with details, individualism
and cosmopolitan attitudes.




SO LCH LD CLOTHING´s collection "Mariandl in Siam" was officially presented at Villa Aurora on the 12th of April 2013.




(c) Sira-Zoé Schmid






Official presentation "Mariandl in Siam", Puls 4

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