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T-Shirt Popeye (dark blue)
Pants Marlboro
Coat Dandy (camel)
T-Shirt Popeye (white)
T-Shirt Popeye (camel)

The small but exclusive collection "BASIC LINE Vol. 1" is based on the inspirational roots of life as my first child was born this year! Furthermore this collection reflects the idea of the SO LCH LD label, in which the U and the I are missing to symbolize a unique reunion.


SO LCH LD CLOTHING lives "La vie en rose" - paired with amorousness with details, individualism and cosmopolitan attitudes.




SO LCH LD CLOTHING´s collection "BASIC LINE Vol. 1" was officially presented at MQ Vienna Fashion Week on the 13th of September 2015 (8pm).




(c) Markus Mühlbacher; Styling: Mad Lions (Mike York/Emilia Teresa); Hair/Make-up: Adriana Holban






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