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To all seekers and finders, to all map-drawers and diarists, to all dreamers and fact-lovers, to all nostalgic and daring darlings, to all wanderings

between the times from bohème to extravaganza – This is your story.

SO LCH LD CLOTHING takes the story of seeking and finding home and moves skillfully between different cultures, contemporary spirits and life drafts.

SO LCH LD appeals to the determined undecided, those who do not want to be classified into a specific time, place, or concrete character.

Only the inner SO LCH LD is common to all bearers of SO LCH LD CLOTHING.

SO LCH LD stands for women and men who combine courage and gentleness, strength and innocence, wisdom and madness. But SO LCH LD also stands for acceptance, tolerance, elegance and a flowing source of life. A SO LCH LD is in each of us, we just have to find it ... “U & I are missing” stands for this process of seeking and finding!



Who could understand this search better than the creative and philosophical mastermind behind the label SO LCH LD CLOTHING: Fashion designer and cultural anthropologist Martina Rastinger. Rastinger herself, stands for a generation of women who have managed through their collections to reinvent themselves again and again. Martina Rastinger skillfully materializes her various life roles as an artist, globetrotter, career woman and mother. Designer Martina Rastinger succeeds in telling stories in her collections. Stories that take you to the French court of Marie-Antoinette, to a whiskey bar in the New York of the 1970s or to a secret concert of Patti Smith in Vienna.

CLOTHING: Based on materials such as cotton, silk, linen or wool, Rastinger accomplishes with her collections to create a remembrance to style icons such as Jacky Kennedy, Twiggy, Jane Birkin or Romy Schneider. The combination of high-quality materials, striking cuts, traditional patterns and up-to-date design, create the balancing act between everyday wearability and the evening wardrobe for the dramatic performance.

The recognizable look, which combines tradition and the present, is produced in Martina Rastinger’s home country Austria.

SO LCH LD CLOTHING is a fashion brand - but also a life setting that expresses the special personality of every woman and every man.

SO LCH LD CLOTHING: “La vie en rose” - coupled with the neverending quest for the homeland in ourselves. Design meets the journey through the various layers in all of us. Finding Home means finding your inner SO LCH LD.

This is SO LCH LD:

The combination of nostalgia and the joy
of living fully in the present moment

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